Friday, December 21, 2007

What, no Nat Treas 2?


NYT 12/21/07

Walk Hard
Charlie Wilson's War
Sweeney Todd
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Eastern Promises (Quad Cinema only)


Blogger SC said...

A valuable service on this site might be keeping track of East vs. West screeners. I can confirm: Juno, Savages, M@TW, TWBB, Dan in Real Life, Into The W, came to those writers blessed to live west of the Mississippi.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Kwang said...


That service sould be much appreciated. Can you also specify which shows are Mon-Thurs only?

We didn't get ST:TDBOFS? What gives?

12:42 PM  
Blogger Coach said...

Let's cut to the quick of your questions: yes, I am willing to license out the GoNG name for enterprising dudes with no ideas for a strike video.

2:55 PM  

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